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Marketing specialist is responsible for using market research to identify market and adjacent opportunities, unmet customer needs, and understanding competitive intelligence positioning and using this research to assist in the development of segment value propositions and as a key input into the marketing planning.


Duties and Responsibilities

Main tasks are listed but not limited to the following:

  1. Develop marketing collaterals and define detailed product performance specifications for sales literature;
  2. Conduct primary & secondary market research to maintain market intelligence pool;
  3. Acquire and assesses customer feedback to determine current satisfaction levels and future market needs/trends;
  4. Play a key role in targeting and cultivating key customer and opinion leader relationships;
  5. Lead efforts to help the team to achieve annual sales goal;
  6. Develop pricing strategies and marketing initiatives that maximize company profitability, customer satisfaction, and market penetration;
  7. Establishes and maintains a high level of visibility through public relations, technical societies and relevant regulatory agencies;
  8. Monitor industry trends and competitor activities: product, price, ad & promotion;
  9. Manage the lead database, including lead filtering, distribution and nurturing, to provide recommendation;
  10.  Work closely with sales team to monitor and tune the performance of the lead funnel.